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Cocoa powder

Alkalized and fat reduced Cocoa powders

Extensive range of Cocoa powders including Light, medium and dark brown, intense deep black cocoa powder, robust red Cameroon cocoa powder and many more…

Our Cocoa powder for baking is highly defatted with less than 1% fat – full of intense chocolate flavour, light mouthfeel, pleasant bitter notes and subtle acidic hints. Great for adding a rich chocolate flavour with minimum calories.

Or, if intense deep black cocoa powder is more to your choosing; this cocoa powder has a remarkable dark colour and is made from a fine selection of highly alkalised origin cocoa beans. With an overwhelming cocoa taste and strong alkali notes, this cocoa powder is perfect for making dark biscuits and cakes. Contains Reduced fat and alkalized; 100% cocoa with 10-12% cocoa butter.

Or the Robust red Cameroon Cocoa powder made from the famed red Cameroon fine flavour beans, this cocoa has a powerful chocolatey taste with strong bitter notes and smokey hints. Deep dark red colour. 100% cocoa with 20-22% cocoa butter.

Our Cocoa powders are ideal for flavouring, colouring and decorating:

  • Gelato & sorbet
  • Cakes, brownies & muffins
  • Cookies
  • Mousses
  • Macarons
  • Glazings & sauces
  • Baked meringue
  • Hot drinks
  • Sponge cake

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