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With over 30 years in the industry we can help you get the best machines or equipment, ingredients, chocolate moulds and packaging for your needs.

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Why choose Vantage House?

Here you’ll be able to browse Barry Callebaut, Cacao Barry and Casa Luker along side our newly stocked brands, Stewart & Arnold, Vanova and Schokinag.

Chocolate, coatings, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass. Truffle shells, hollow cups and shapes.

A huge range of premium quality ingredients for use in chocolate work, desserts, bakery, confectionery and gelato! Ganache, pralinés, gianduja fillings and patisserie glazes.

Flavouring products, fruit purées alcohol concentrates, sugars, gelling agents and griottines.

There will be stacks to choose from to perfect your creations. To name a few, you’ll be able to browse freeze and spray dried fruit, powders and fruit pieces.

Nut products, sugar décor, truffle powders, crystallised flowers, transfer and texture sheets and more.

Machinery, gelato bases, toppings and décor to cones and flavourings, here you will find all you need to serve quality gelato.

Ripples, topping sauces, Sundae toppings, vanilla pods, popping candy, marshmallows, toffee, caramel and fudge.

We stock a comprehensive range of chocolate moulds as well as small equipment and accessories for chocolate work.

We have chocolate machines, anything from small table-top melting/holding tanks to moulding machines, manual and fully automatic tempering machines, cooling tunnels and even flow-wrap/twist-wrap packaging machines.

A range of packaging to finish off and keep safe your culinary creative masterpieces. Folding and rigid boxes, Chocolate bar packaging, Hard bottom bags, Ribbons, Cords, Bows and ties… along with many subsections of the aforementioned!

Please browse away until your heart’s content and put the polish on your unique creations.

Vantage House are delighted to be appointed sole agents for Woody Associates. Inc in the UK & Ireland.​

Finance available on orders over £1,000

Start-up Businesses

Finance from
£ 12 + VAT per week

Medium Businesses

Finance from
£ 28 + VAT per week

Large Businesses

Finance from
£ 74 + VAT per week

Vantage House can help with your purchase through various payment options using Time Finance.
For an indication of deposit and monthly payment structure please click the Get a Quote button or phone our friendly team.

Please note other lenders are available.

Chocolate tempering machines

Try before you buy

We offer both a rental and ‘try before you buy’ option on the ChocoVision Chocolate Tempering machines which includes a full refund of the rental fee should you purchase the machine at the end of the first week. Finance options are also available on orders over £1,000 working with our preferred partner Academy Leasing.

The Vantage House Development Kitchen

We think our development kitchen is the perfect place for new Chocolatiers or for those who have outgrown their home facilities but are not yet ready to take on the cost of their own permanent space. Perhaps you have a new product you want to develop? or your just not sure which of the chocolate machines or equipment will be most suitable for your project. We have a large range of machinery and equipment together with knowledgeable staff at your disposal.

Happy customer comments

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Stone Melangers / stone grinders for Chocolate, Nut butters and other food processing. Batch size between 1 kg and 30 kg with or without speed controller. Granite wheels and base make our Melangers a robust, quality addition to your creative culinary process.

Chocolate tempering machines can be used for home or work. Our machines are easy-to-use and space-saving. Our chocolate machines can be pre-programmed to produce perfectly tempered plain, milk, white or ruby chocolate every time.

High quality chocolate ingredients to help you to create chocolates and confections that will entice your customers to return time after time. Choose from an extensive collection of over 2,000 ingredients! – you are sure to find ingredients and inspiring ideas to suit your requirements.

Woody Decorators

Providing automatic decorating equipment to the confectionery industry for over 60 years.  As a staple in modern production, the Woody Stringer has the ability to produce zigzag, curved and looped design patterns to bakery and confectionery items in a fully automated system.

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