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Which Chocolate machines can we help you with?

Small, medium and large scale Chocolate Tempering Machines. Continuous Tempering Machines with various optional extras. Batch Tempering Machines.
Small, medium and large scale Chocolate Enrobers with or without tempering. Faster and more consistent than hand dipping. Can work with cooling tunnels for large outputs.
Zigzag, curved & looped design patterns on bakery & confectionery items. Woody automated decorating systems.
Humidity-controlled Chocolate Fridges. Tunnels and Mould Cooling Stacks Refrigerated Cabinets and Blast Chillers are also available. Set your creations quickly eliminate bloom!
Small, medium and large scale stone grinding Melangers, Chocolate Ball Mills, Chocolate Conches, Chocolate pre grinders, Crackers and winnowers.

With over 30 years experience with chocolate machines, we can help you get the best solutions!

Make Professional Nut butter with Spectra 11, 11X, 25 & 70.

The Spectra 11’s grind processing results in silky smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth nut butters; A far reach from store bought nut butters which are typically processed with high speed processors.

Chocolate machines including chocolate tempering machines, enrobing machines, cooling tunnels, chocolate fridges, refrigerated cabinets & blast chillers. Grinders/Melangers, Pre-grinders, Conches, Crackers and Winnowers.

We sell small, medium and large scale chocolate tempering machines that can offer continuous and batch tempering, producing perfectly tempered chocolate every single time. Our enrobing machines come with or without tempering and are perfect for small, medium and large scale chocolate production. The enrobing machines are fast and offer more consistency than hand-dipping. The enrobing machinery can work with our cooling tunnels for more significant outputs. In regards cooling, we offer chocolate fridges which are humidity-controlled, Cooling Tunnels & Mould Cooling Stacks along with refrigerated cabinets & blast chillers. Set your creations quickly & eliminate bloom! Small, medium and large scale Grinders/Melangers. Pre-grinders, Conches, Crackers & Winnowers are also available, Full processing from Bean to Bar. Also great for Nut Butters! We also sell a broad range of other machines for chocolate making/processing; please call us if you cannot see what you would like!
Chocolate tempering machines

Try before you buy

We offer both a rental and ‘try before you buy’ option on the ChocoVision Chocolate Tempering machines which includes a full refund of the rental fee should you purchase the machine at the end of the first week. Finance options are also available on orders over £1,000 working with our preferred partner Academy Leasing.

Finance available on orders over £1,000

Start-up Businesses

Finance from
£ 12 + VAT per week

Medium Businesses

Finance from
£ 28 + VAT per week

Large Businesses

Finance from
£ 74 + VAT per week

Vantage House can help with your purchase through various payment options using Time Finance.
For an indication of deposit and monthly payment structure please click the Get a Quote button or phone our friendly team.

Please note other lenders are available.

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