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Chocolate Fridge

Chocolate fridges designed for a brilliant performance, whether for your home hobby, start-up business, shop or large business production. Our chocolate fridges can withstand the everyday challenges of your commercial kitchen. For over 60 years, the Everlasting brand has been one of the leading manufacturers to produce refrigerating equipment and elements and satisfied customers by enabling them to produce their best professional achievements. 

Each chocolate fridge is specifically made for the storage of chocolate. The advanced electronic control system in our chocolate fridges allows for the setting of both temperature and low humidity. Place your chocolate masterpieces at the temperature of 12°/18°C and a maximum humidity of 40%-60% which are the optimal conditions for the correct storage of your creations. By creating the perfect environment with a specialised chocolate fridge you will avoid the appearance of sugar or fat blooms on the surface making sure that your product is of the finest quality and taste.

Take a look at the links below to discover which of our fridges is right for you. Whether it’s to fit into a small space at home or meet intensive demands and have a large capacity for your shop or factory. Choose from chocolate fridges with glass doors, stainless steel split doors and fridges that have from 5 shelves to 40 trays worth of storage.

small chocolate fridge
  • 140 litre capacity
  • Steel or glass door
  • 5 trays shelves
medium chocolate fridge
  •  573 litre capacity
  • Steel, split front or glass door
  • 20 shelves
large chocolate fridge
  •  875 litre capacity
  • Steel, split front or glass door
  • 40 shelves

Get superb results for consistent chocolate production with our chocolate fridges

Our chocolate chiller fridge range will give you that perfect finish to your confectionary and with the option to have chocolate display counter fridges you can really show your work off in style. The Everlasting chocolate fridge brand is a reliable brand that will exceed your expectations for performance. The chocolate fridge price starts from £2,239.20 for the compact range and for this you will receive a quality, high tech piece of equipment for your professional kitchen which will mean you can achieve the very best results

At Vantage House we are chocolatiers that are familiar with all the things you need to take into consideration for your big purchase and are happy to provide free advice based on over 30 years of hands-on experience.

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Small Chocolate Fridges

Compact and efficient, our small chocolate fridges are perfect for the small business, home professional or even if you’re a keen hobbyist wanting that perfect finish to your chocolate. With a low energy consumption, both of these fridges have 140 litre capacity, 5 wire shelves, an energy efficient LCD controller and you can choose between a self-closing stainless steel or a small chocolate display fridge with a glass door.

From £2,239.20

small chocolate fridge
chocolate fridges

Medium Chocolate Fridges

If you’re needing a middle-ground option in terms of capacity, these medium-sized fridges offer 573 litres of storage and come with plenty of room to cool your confectionery and pastries with 20 wire shelves.

Peace of mind is offered in the form of the Everlasting environmentally friendly green refrigeration and insulation, along with the LCD controller to ensure the fridge stays energy efficient and kind to the planet.

You can decide on the functional option of having a solid or split door front, or if you want to double up on performance and as a showcase for your creations you can choose the chocolate display fridge with a glass door.

From £3,439.20

Large Chocolate Fridges

These large fridges offer you maximum storage capacity to keep all your produce in perfect condition.

Neatly store row upon row of glossy chocolates or buttery pastries lined up across the 40 wired shelves. Show off your creations in front-of-house with the glass door display fridge or enjoy the practicalities of either the split door fridge.

Made with high grace AISI 304 stainless steel throughout, you can be sure that you’re receiving a hard-wearing product that’s sturdy and built to last. The self-closing doors, key lock for security and excellent internal lighting are design features that will make every day use that little bit more seamless.

From £4,239.20

chocolate fridges

Finance available on orders over £1,000

Start-up Businesses

Finance from
£ 12 + VAT per week

Medium Businesses

Finance from
£ 28 + VAT per week

Large Businesses

Finance from
£ 74 + VAT per week

Vantage House can help with your purchase through various payment options using Time Finance.
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