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Chocolate enrober - Which is best for you?

  • Compact & space saving
  • Continuous & Batch Tempering options available
  • One-person operation
  • 120mm to 220mm wide belt options
  • Continuous & Batch Tempering options available
  • Paper take-off or Cooling Tunnel connectivity
  • Larger capacity for medium production
  • 180mm to 220mm wide belt options
  • To be paired with a Cooling Tunnel
  • Industrial level output
  • With or without tempering options available
  • 240mm to 600mm+ wide belt options

Chocolate Enrober

Using a Chocolate enrober you can commercially produce that hand crafted appearance in volumes that cannot be achieved manually, chocolate enrobing produces faster and more consistent results than hand-dipping.

Our chocolate enrobers cater to all size of producers in the chocolate, bakery & confectionery industries.

The choice of machine is down to throughput requirements and functionality, we have a wide range of chocolate enrobing units with many different options for tempering type, belt width, cooling tunnel connectivity & a range of additional extras.

Most of our chocolate enrobers have removable enrobing belts and therefore can also be used as standard tempering machines – batch tempering or continuous tempering options available (for filling/shelling praline moulds, hollow figures etc.) to cater to all production needs.

At Vantage House we are familiar with all these production processes and are happy to provide free advice based on 25 years of hands-on experience with the enrobing units we sell.

chocolate enrober small

Small Chocolate Enrobers

A small chocolate enrober is the first step up from wholly hand-dipped production, allowing much faster and less labour-intensive operation.

Our small chocolate enrobers are compact and space-saving, with some of the range even being table-top! This can save on much-needed floor space!

Our small enrobing units all work with a take-off table and paper roll so you can take your perfectly enrobed creations away to set. They can also be matched with a cooling tunnel at a later date as production grows.

We can offer both batch tempering (up to 20kg) or continuous tempering enrobers, with belt widths from 120 to 220mm so whatever your requirements are we hope to be able to cater to them!

chocolate enrober medium

Medium Chocolate enrobers

When production requirements increase a medium chocolate enrober is the perfect choice!

Our medium chocolate enrobers are flexible and promote growth as they are supplied with a take-off table & paper roll as standard, however can be connected to a matching cooling tunnel either at order or later as an upgrade.

Like the small chocolate enrobers, we have options of both batch tempering & continuous tempering in this section, with belt widths of 180mm to 220mm. Full coating, bottom coating, half coating are all possible!

Which medium Chocolate Enrober is right for you?

chocolate enrobing large

Large Chocolate Enrobers

Large chocolate enrobers are high volume industrial units for all types of confectionery and bakery products. Full coating, bottom coating, half coating are all possible.

Our large chocolate enrobing units come either with tempering (continuous or batch) or without tempering - for when you have a tempering machine to feed the enrober, or for enrobing in compound chocolate/icing that does not need to be tempered

These enrobers are designed to work with a matching cooling tunnel to allow large scale, continuous production and are available with belt widths of 240mm to 600mm plus!

Which Large Chocolate Enrober is right for you?

With Tempering
Without Tempering

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