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The Spectra 11, 11X, 25 and 70’s slow grind processing results in silky smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth nut butter; A far reach from store-bought nut butter which is typically processed with high-speed processors.

Batch size between 1 kg to 26 kg
Optional Speed Controller
Granite wheels and base

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Stone ground nut butter machine vs commercial nut butter machine

Why use a Spectra to produce your Nut butters?

How do they differ from your general commercial nut butter machine?

Stone grind your nut butter using a perfectly smooth set of granite wheels.

Stone grinding creates minimal friction allowing the temperature of the nuts to be maintained at low levels throughout, preserving the precious nutrients and flavours whilst achieving a silky smooth texture. There is no need to add salt, refined sugars, trans fats or preservatives.

You are free to create 100% natural, beautifully lightly roasted creamy nut butter.

In contrast – general shop-bought nut butter is processed using blades that chop up the peanuts, generating more heat which can alter the taste degrade the key vitamins and healthy oils and generally contain salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils (trans fat!) and preservatives to make it more shelf-stable, resulting in a lower nutritional quality product.

Health Benefits

Stone grinding your nut butters helps keep the healthy unsaturated fats, proteins and minimal carbohydrates naturally contained within the nuts - which is good for your heart, helping keep your cholesterol levels in check.

What is the best nut grinder?

  • The Spectra 11 nut grinder is best to grind batches up to 5kg - Perfect for the Home user or small business users.
  • The Spectra 11X nut grinder includes Speed controller 0.2 HP 240v - Single phase
  • The Spectra 25 nut grinder grinds batches up to 10kg - Great for small to medium business.
  • The Spectra 70 nut grinder, grinds batches of up to 26kg - For the medium to large business users.

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