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Guitar Cutters

Our Guitar Cutters - the Perfect Solution for Precision and Efficiency!

Guitar cutters designed to remove the tedious and imprecise process of hand-cutting pralines. Say goodbye to the frustration and inconsistency. Our cutters are designed to provide unparalleled precision and efficiency, answering your confectionery woes.

Unlock Efficiency with Guitar Cutters

Say goodbye to time-consuming hand-cutting methods and embrace precision and speed with our innovative guitar cutters. It’s time to revolutionize your confectionery production. With our guitar cutters, you can streamline your workflow, reduce labour costs, and significantly increase productivity. Experience the difference that precision cutting can make in your business today.

Save Time, Increase Productivity

Maximize your production output and minimize labour costs with our efficient guitar cutters. Get more done in less time! Every minute counts in the fast-paced world of confectionery production. Our guitar cutters are meticulously engineered to help you save time and boost productivity without compromising on quality. Make the switch and watch your efficiency soar.
Precision Every Time
Ensure consistent and uniform praline shapes with our precision-engineered guitar cutters. Impress your customers with flawless confections. In the world of confectionery, consistency is key. Our guitar cutters guarantee precise cuts every time, ensuring uniformity and perfection in your pralines. Delight your customers with impeccably crafted treats that leave a lasting impression.
Customize Your Creations
From delicate pralines to intricate confections, our guitar cutters offer versatility and precision to bring your creative vision to life. Your creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your tools. Our guitar cutters allow you to unleash your imagination and create custom-shaped pralines and confections with ease. Elevate your offerings and stand out from the competition with unique designs and impeccable precision.
Upgrade Your Confectionery Business Today
Don’t let hand-cutting hold you back. Invest in our high-quality guitar cutters and take your confectionery business to new heights of efficiency and success! Ready to take your confectionery business to the next level? It’s time to make the smart investment in our top-of-the-line guitar cutters. Say goodbye to inefficiency and hello to increased profitability and success. Upgrade your operations today and experience the difference for yourself.
Getting the best out of your wire frame guitar cutter

Using a wire guitar cutter in your business can be a great way to efficiently and accurately cut large batches of bakery & confectionery products

  1. Select the right Guitar Cutter. There are different sizes and types available, with 5 & 7.5mm spacings plus “double cut” options using two frames at right angles to save rotating the product for a second cut.

  2. Also powered guitar cutters for more difficult products such as those with whole nut inclusions.

  3. Prepare Your Product: Find the optimum temperature for your product to be cut at. This ensures consistent product finish plus avoids wire breakage if product is too brittle.

  4. Select the frame sizes you need: Each frame will have specific spacing of the wires. If you only need single sized squares you only need one frame.

  5. Cut with Even Pressure: Apply even pressure as you pull the wires through the product. This ensures a clean and precise cut.

  6. Handle with Care: Wire guitar cutters have thin wires that can break if mishandled. Be gentle when using and cleaning the cutter to avoid damaging the wires.

  7. Clean Regularly: Clean the wire guitar cutter regularly to prevent buildup of residue, which can affect the quality of your product.

  8. Experiment with Different Products: Wire guitar cutters can be used for many confectionery products Experiment with different recipes and make more use of this versatile equipment.

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