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Machine Hire

Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Hire

**Rental Fee returned in full if you buy at the end of week 1**

Sometimes the cost of buying a machine can be worrying, particularly if you are not sure how much you will use it, how much time will be saved or what improvements to quality are to be had.

We have the perfect solution, whether you are looking to use an automatic tempering machine for the first time or in need of a larger machine for a short period then why not rent one from us?

Vantage House now offer a rental agreement for Chocovision machines with an option to purchase at a discount afterwards – If you buy the machine with in the first week of hire 100% of the hire will be credited against the purchase price. Effectively “Try before you buy for free”.If you purchase the machine after the first week 50% of the rental cost is credited against the price! Please see the table below for rental rates.

Machine 1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month 3 Months
Rev 2B *New Model* £ 100* £ 180 £ 300 £ 450
Rev V-E £ 250* £ 400 £ 700 £ 1200
Delta £ 300* £ 500 £ 800 £ 1500
Purchase after rental
Rev 2B *New Model* £ 425* £435 £ 395 £300
Rev V-E £ 1745* £ 1795 £ 1645 £ 1395
Delta £ 2295* £ 2345 £ 2195 £ 1845


Revolation Delta The solution for production facilities, built with stainless steel construction, state-of-the-art design and technology. The acclaimed microprocessor control card ensures tempering and holding chocolate to within 2/10th of a degree. This deceptively space-efficient machine can melt and temper a minimum of 1.36 kg, and a maximum of 7 kg* of chocolate in about an hour. Three professionally programmed presets guarantee perfect results for Plain, Milk and White chocolate.

Featuring a digital display (readout), bowl pause, manual temperature adjustment (up to 54°C during Melt Cycle, 38°C in Temper Mode), and an overnight (standby) mode. New Version software focuses on specific high-stress areas of the original machines to create a superior appliance, designed to operate efficiently under the most demanding of circumstances. And like all of ChocoVision’s machinery, is equipped with a removable, easy-clean stainless steel bowl, baffle and scraper, and lid and cover.

  • Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air
  • Extended tempering mode, meaning the chocolate stays fluid all day
  • Stores up to 26 different chocolate recipes
  • 4.5 / 7 kg capacity*
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 49C during the Melt Cycle, 38C in Temper Mode)
  • Overnight (standby) Mode
  • Removable bowl and baffle
  • LED temperature display
  • Bowl Pause
  • 465mm W x 465mm D x 178mm H

* increased capacity is achieved by using the Holey baffle (supplied)

ChocoVision - Revolation VE Tempering Machine - (240V)

The Revolation V-E is ChocoVision’s most compact stainless steel tempering machine; processing between 0.5 and 2.3kg (4kg with holey baffle) of chocolate per batch. This unit possesses the same state-of-the-art design and microprocessor technology as the Revolation Delta-tempering and holding chocolate to within 2/10th of a degree to ensure the best chocolate quality and appearance. The Revolation V-E has the ability to produce about 23kg of tempered chocolate per day with very little maintenance.

  • Extended Tempering Mode
  • Stores up to 26 Chocolate Recipes
  • Easy-to-Read 20×4 Character Display
  • Manual Mode for Compound Conditioning
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 49°C during the Melt Cycle, 38°C in Temper Mode)
  • Bowl Pause
  • Overnight (standby) Mode
  • Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air
  • 2.3kg capacity (4kg with holey baffle)
  • Removable bowl and baffle
  • NSF Approved
  • 394mm W x 394mm D x 165mm H

ChocoVision - Revolation 2B Tempering Machine - (240v)

Ideal for both amateur and professional chocolatiers, the Revolation 2B is a conventional space efficient tabletop tempering machine, which melts, tempers, sets, and holds up to 680 gms of chocolate to 1/10 of a degree Centigrade. A serious tool for a demanding user.

  • Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air
  • 680g. capacity
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 49C during the Melt Cycle, 38C in Temper Mode)
  • Overnight (standby) Mode
  • Removable bowl and baffle
  • LED temperature display
  • Bowl Pause
  • 318mm W x 267mm D x 133mm H


Free delivery (mainland UK) is included in the rental cost. All prices and charges are subject to VAT

Return of the rental machine to Vantage House (cleaned and packed as supplied) is the responsibility of the hirer.

Optionally Vantage House can arrange for the machine to be collected from you at a cost of £25.00 for a Revolation 2 or a Revolation VE or £28 for the Revolation Delta. All Prices and charges are subject to VAT.

Vantage House Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire

Rental Fee

This will be calculated as a weekly or monthly fee according to the original required period. Any part weeks will be charged as full weeks, part months will be charged as either full months or full weeks whichever is least.


Your Hire Agreement will stipulate the number of weeks or months you have booked the machine for and may be extended subject to availability.

Purchase Option

If you decide to purchase the machine during the rental period or immediately after the rental period has ended and provided the machine has not been returned to Vantage House, then you will be invoiced for the full cost of the machine (including carriage charges if applicable) less an amount equal to 50% of any rent applicable to that date.

Delivery, Installation and Collection

If Vantage House is required to collect the machine at the end of the rental period, this will be charged as extra. Please note that if a Collection charge is paid and the machine is subsequently purchased, then this charge will be credited against the final sale invoice. The packaging that the machines are supplied in must be kept by you for the return journey. In the event that the packaging is lost or destroyed, then Vantage House reserves the right to charge you for the supply and delivery of replacement packaging.

Payment terms

The hire fee for the full initial duration as well as delivery and collection charges must be received by Vantage House before the rental period commences. If the rental period is extended, rent will be payable weekly / monthly in advance.


Vantage House Ltd retains full title to the machine at all times until and unless you decide to purchase the machine and payment in full has been received by Vantage House Ltd.


It will be the your responsibility to keep the machine fully insured at all times for the full list price of the machine. You must also indemnify Vantage House Ltd against unreasonable wear and tear or any damage caused to the machine by whatever cause whilst the machine is in your possession.


You may terminate the Hire Agreement at any time and you will only be charged for the number of weeks / months for which you have had the machine at the applicable rate for that duration.

Return of Machine

The machine should be returned to Vantage House Ltd having been fully cleaned, devoid of any food products, or else a cleaning charge will be levied.
Any manuals, drawings and spares must be returned intact and in good condition. The machine must be returned to Vantage House or made available for collection by Vantage House within 3 days of the end of the rental period otherwise Vantage House will be entitled to invoice you for additional rent in respect of the delay.


In the event of insolvency or administration on the part of the Customer, Vantage House shall be entitled to enter the Customer’s premises to reclaim the machine as Vantage House’s property. The same will apply if any rent remains unpaid or if the Customer is in breach of any of the terms of this


In the event of any failure on the part of the machine not caused in some way by the Customer’s actions, Vantage House will endeavour to repair or replace the machine within 48 hours and the Customer will be credited for an amount of rent corresponding to the period that the machine was unusable.

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