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Chocolate enrober for small-medium sized confectioners and chocolatiers – COMPATTA_20

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Compatta_0020 – Tempering plus Enrob – 90kg / hr. Continuous Tempering – Paper Take Off, Blower & Detailer – 15kg bowl – 3 phase – 1.6kW
Product code: FBM COMPATTA_20
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Product code: FBM COMPATTA_20

Compatta_0020 – Tempering plus Enrob – 90kg / hr. Continuous Tempering – Paper Take Off, Blower & Detailer – 15kg bowl – 3 phase – 1.6kW
Compatta is the expression of technology in the field of the small table tempering machines.

The machine is controlled by dedicated electronic CPU with related keyboard that allows to settle working parameters by obtaining continuous tempering process.

The heating is made in the melting bowl while the tempering process is made in the screw pump.
Melting of chocolate is made by bain-marie heating system and related temperature is electronically controlled. Then the chocolate is cooled and reaches the tempering set point thanks to compressed R 44 gas on a cavity wall which allows to reach the set temperature in short time.

Equipped with screw pump for transport of chocolate in acetylic resin with device for removing it and with switch for inversion of the turning sense of screw pump for the complete exit of chocolate from the screw itself.
The machine is equipped with electronic dosing device with pedal and timer for regulation of dosing time for hollow moulds.

Electronic CPU allows to settle night cycle that automatically heats chocolate inside the whole system and then decreases the temperature till stand-by point.
Equipped with dripping frame and vibrating table suitable for moulds with dimensions mm 275 x mm 175 for production of tablets and pralines.


  • Capacity: 15kg
  • Output: Upto 90kg of tempered chocolate per hour according to the kind of work
  • Installed power : 1.6 kW
  • Voltage: 220/380 V 50 Hz 3 phases + neutral + earth
  • Dimensions: 500mm (w) x 680mm (d) x 1470mm (overall height)
  • Weight: around 140 Kg
  • Height of work plane: 910mm

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