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Chocolate enrober with tempering and 320mm wide enrobing belt, on mobile trolley with 1m take-off table and heating cabinet with two tanks – DED 320_120

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Dedy 320 Enrober 320mm wide belt, with heating cabinet and two tanks
Product code: DED 320_120

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The Dedy Enrobing 320 Machine has a belt width of 320 mm, a heating cabinet with two tanks, a 1.5 metre take off table and auto tracking belt.

The machine is movable and suitable for all enrobing jobs. The 320 mm enrobing machine has a capacity of 30 kg which can be expanded to 90 kg by adding heated troughs.

Pastries of all kinds and cakes, as well as cream cheese and for example dates can be enrobed with chocolate coating, fudge, sugar icing or glaze. The machine normally runs at a belt speed between 0.5 and 4 m per minute, the belt speed is infinitely variable. The so-called evener cylinder which is mounted at the end of the belt prevents the coating from producing threads. All parts of the machine are designed to be very easy to clean, extremely robust and user friendly. Total enrobing, bottom enrobing, combined bottom, side and partial enrobing are possible. The exact chocolate temperature is controlled via an extremely sensitive digital thermostat with a one-tenth centigrade scale. Heating is achieved via a built-in fully electronic air circulation system. Two thermostats allow for a standby mode and a work mode. The belt, the chocolate wheel, and the chocolate tank are easily replaceable. The entire machine is made out of stainless steel.


Our enrobing machines provide the following specific advantages:

  • As a standard, every enrobing machine has a pouring device for filling chocolate into chocolate moulds.
  • The very good insulation of the machine minimizes loss of heat. The removable chocolate tank is equipped with a drain cock to facilitate cleaning of the machine, change of chocolate, and also the removal of the tanks for thorough cleaning.
  • The foldaway clutch safely connects the enrobing machine or the cooling tunnel with the take-off belt, so that the enrobing machine does not move and the transfer between the transport belt remains constant even if the floor is uneven.


The machines are supplied according to specific customer needs either with short take-off tables and paper, special take-off tables with photo eye (stop-and-go for batch working) or with a cooling tunnel. Furthermore, specific additional devices like truffle belts with additional heating, powder truffle tables, vibrating tables, and special belts for ginger bread are available.

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