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Chocolate tempering machine for business and shell moulding, 7kg capacity – REVDELTA

Made to Order – Lead Time maximum 3 weeks
ChocoVision – Revolation Delta – 7kg Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine – (240v)
Product code: REVDELTA
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Chocolate tempering machine | REVOLATION DELTA

Introducing the Chocovision Revolation Delta

The Revolution Delta is the ideal tempering machine for artisan chocolatiers, bakers, pastry chefs and restaurants who would like to increase their chocolate production, with the Delta being able to produce up to 25kg of chocolate per day. This tempering machine is also great for larger producers as an R&D machine due to its speed and efficiency.

The Revolution Delta melts and tempers a minimum of 1.35kg of chocolate per batch, up to a maximum capacity of 4.5kg per batch with the standard baffle, and 7kg of chocolate with the slotted baffle. Each batch usually takes around 1 & ½ – 2 hours.

The Delta can temper all types of couverture chocolate: Milk, White, Dark, Ruby and even coloured or flavoured chocolate, as well as being able to temper bean to bar chocolate due to its brilliant saved recipe feature. Once your chocolate is in temper, the Delta can hold the chocolate in temper for over 15 hours with its Extended Temper Mode.

Product code: REVDELTA

ChocoVision – Revolation Delta – 7kg Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine – (240v)

The Revolation Delta is ChocoVision’s most sophisticated breakthrough for tempering chocolate, created to the specifications of the world’s most demanding pastry chefs and confectioners. It features all the capabilities of our Revolation X3210, with an advanced software system and display. The Revolation Delta melts and tempers a minimum of 1.35kg and a maximum of 4.5 (7kg.of chocolate with holey baffle) and can hold temper for over 15 hours. The Revolation Delta is ideal for artisan chocolate makers, whether at home or in a laboratory environment.
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 solid baffle
  • 1 holey baffle
  • instruction manual
  • 3 pack of scrapers
  • 1 baffle brush
  • Set of knobs
  • 1 cover

Free UK Mainland Delivery on all ChocoVision machines.

  • Dimensions: 465mm x 465mm x 178mm
  • 880W (220V 50Hz 7 Amps)

Need spares?

See below a selection of Chocovision spares in case of accidental breakages or just piece of mind – knowing you have a few in the locker should the unforeseen occur.

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