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Freeze-Dried Raspberries

Freeze dried raspberries are made with a process that involves removing the water from the fresh fruit. The beautiful jewel -like fruit retains its flavour, colour, and nutrients  through the process and the result is a long-lasting, lightweight, compact ingredient that’s easy to rehydrate. Freeze-dried raspberries are crunchy in texture and intense flavour and perfect to use in baking, desserts, cooking and confectionery work. (Read More…)

Freeze Dried Raspberries

Buy freeze dried raspberries at Vantage House

freeze dried raspberries in a bowl

Take a look at our selection of freeze dried raspberries

Our freeze dried raspberries are available as whole fruits or as a crumble giving you versatility as to how to use them in your products.

Freeze dried raspberries are versatile and delicious and taste as good as their fresh equivalent. Perfect for the pâtissièr, baker or chocolatier to use as a delicious inclusion adding freshness and flavour.

Our Selection of Freeze Dried Raspberries

Delicious freeze dried raspberries that are perfect for the chocolatier, baker and patissier

Freeze dried raspberries are packed full of flavour with endless culinary uses and are also the perfect chocolate inclusion. Freeze dried raspberry pieces, fruit powder and whole fruit retain their vibrant colour and offer a great visual appeal in contrast to shiny tempered chocolate or adding colour to bakery and desserts. Due to their low moisture content, freeze dried raspberries also offer excellent shelf stability for your products.

Freeze dried raspberries are a best selling product for that classic chocolate and raspberry taste sensation. but we also stock a range of other freeze dried fruits that prove extremely popular including freeze dried strawberries, freeze dried cherries, apples and freeze dried blackberries. For decoration, patisserie, desserts and bakery we also have freeze dried fruit powder and you can chose from matcha tea powder, freeze dried strawberry powder, freeze dried raspberry powder, mango powder, elderberry powder, yuzu powder, dry mango powder, passion fruit powder, blackcurrant powder, blackberry powder and beetroot powder

If you’re looking for where to purchase freeze dried raspberries from, then look no further as we can supply you with them in bulk and at a great wholesale price. Our fruits are the most delicious freeze-dried fruits around. Look below to see our selection of products, including powder, spray dried powder and halved fruits.

Looking for a little inspiration of how to use this delicious fruit? Keep reading for some tasty suggestions.

Shop Freeze Dried Raspberries and Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder

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Freeze dried raspberries pair beautifully with different chocolates and work incredibly well in bakery and patisserie work and can elevate your recipes and designs with a fruity twist!

Having exquisite freeze dried fruits and freeze dried raspberry powder on hand in your kitchen means you can whip up beautiful desserts and cakes without worrying about fruit going rotten in the fridge.

Our Best Selling Freeze Dried Raspberries

Freeze Dried Rasperries

Recipe Inspiration

Try some of these mouthwatering ideas to get you experimenting with your favourite tempered chocolate and dessert recipes.

  • Use freeze dried raspberry pieces to sprinkle on top of a chocolate slab, paired with chopped hazelnuts
  • Try a freeze dried raspberry and white chocolate filling to pack a big flavour punch and gorgeous colour in elegant macarons
  • Or, simply use the pieces or whole dried fruits to create a striking partial inclusion, enveloped in sumptuous dark chocolate
  • Freeze Dried Rasperry Powder

    Fruit Powder Inspiration

    • Add the deliciously juicy flavour of raspberries to amaretti biscuits by using freeze dried raspberry powder in your mix
    • Roll truffles in freeze dried raspberry powder to give a burst of colour and delicious flavour
    • Mix the fruit powder into a buttercream to add a pop of colour against a sponge cake
    • Combine along with confectioners sugar to roll up into pastries and bake in colour and flavour

    Wanting to use freeze dried raspberries with chocolate?
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