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Popping Candy

Popping candy has become a popular addition to confectionery and desserts as it adds a surprise element to the mouth and senses. Popping candy is made by first heating the ingredients to boiling point. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is then bubbled through the molten mixture at a pressure and the mixture is then cooled rapidly under pressure to prevent the gas from escaping as the candy solidifies.

When the pressure is released, the candy shatters into pieces containing tiny bubbles of CO2 that remain trapped until the candy reaches the mouth. There the warm and damp conditions dissolve the sugar, and the gas escapes with a pop.

Uncoated popping candy can only be used in fat-based products such as chocolate so that it doesn’t absorb moisture and lose its crackle! Fat-coated popping candy can be used in all other products such as desserts, but it is advisable to keep the moisture content below 3% so the coating doesn’t dissolve.

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