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ChocoMa – CMA 2MP WAX_020 – 2MP 32 Wax Enrober – Stainless

Chocoma 2MP 32 Wax Enrober – Stainless without Wax Tank (full wax coating – cheese) Single pass
Product code: CMA 2MP WAX_020

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Since the early 1990’s the Chocoma 2MPWAX systems have been in operation across the world. The system has not only replaced the labour intensive manual waxing process, but also provided increased capacity by means of the dedicated cheese waxing system. Compared to automatic systems, which includes robotic handling of cheeses, the Chocoma 2MPWAX is a low cost system, which offers a short payback time.

Typical cheese sizes range from 50 gms to 2.500 gms. The cheese all get a full coating (bottom included) and a uniform appearance from a single pass through the waxing chamber. A typical throughput for 200 gm mini truckles is 70 pieces per minute.

Wheels or half wheels larger than 2.5 kg can usually be coated too. However, depending on the kind of cheese and specific operating parameters double coating may be necessary.

The 2MPWAX system is designed to meet the operational conditions faced by most small and medium sized manufactures. In order to be able to coat with different colours of wax, the 2MPWAX system employs wheel mobile wax tanks, quick change pump and grill belt assemblies to enable fast colour changes.

In practise, clear wax can be used in the morning, orange wax in the middle of the day, and finally red wax by the end of the day – or any other colours.

Additional information

Maximum height of a cheese to be completely coated in a single pass is 110 mm. Cheeses higher than 110 mm will need a double pass.

Furthermore, the cheese to be waxed should meet the following specification:

  • The cheese would need to be dry when presented to the machine.
  • The cheese should preferably be cut. If extrude it has to
    be completely relaxed.
  • The cheese would need to have a core temperature of between 2-5–°C.
  • The cheese must have a reasonably flat bottom.
  • The cheese should not crumble in the operative’s hands.

Wheels or half wheels up to 5,0 kg (diameter 300 mm x 150 mm high) are wax coated too by means of double coating. However, Chocoma cannot offer a guarantee for a smooth and uniform appearance for bigger cheeses that need a double pass.

Apart from the waxing machine at least one wax tank and a take-off table will be needed – alternatively a cooling tunnel.

Technical information

Waxing machine 2MP32WAX
Belt width (mm) 320
Maximum diameter of cheese (mm) 270
  • Stainless steel and aluminum
  • Stainless steel
Dimension excluding take-off table: L x W x H (mm) 1.750 x 860 x 1.520
Belt speed (meter / minute) Variable between 3,0 – 10,0
Power supply 1 phase 200-240 VAC – 3 phase 400VAC – 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption 3,2 kW – maximum, when all heating is turned on

Additional information

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