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Hazelnut Praline

Hazelnut praline is an essential ingredient for many confectioners. We stock only the very finest quality and can supply wholesale or smaller quantities to meet your needs.  (Read More…)

Hazelnut Praline

Beautiful hazelnut praline for confectioners, bakers and patissiers

If you’re looking for that intense hit of hazelnut in your creations, you’re in the right place. We can provide you with luxurious hazelnut praliné and paste to fill chocolates, enrobe cuttable praliné, use in delectable patisserie work or even for tasty pastries!
Lots of hazelnuts in their shells with two hands cupped and scooping some up
Hazelnut Pralineat Vantage House

Hazelnuts are the fruit of the hazelnut tree, and their consumption was traced back to some 8,000 years ago on an island of Scotland. Today we’re hooked on that beautiful hazelnut taste that we get in confectionery and here at Vantage House, we can supply you with all you need for that hazelnut craving.

Choose from praline (hazelnuts mixed with sugar) or pure 100% hazelnut paste.

Spoonful of Hazelnut Praliné on a table with hazelnuts in the background
Hazelnut Praliné

Hazelnut praline pastes are usually 50% roasted hazelnuts and 49.5% sugar and makes a delicious filling but can also be used for flavouring crèmes, glazes, ice–cream and desserts. Callebaut® selects the finest hazelnuts from orchards in Spain, Italy and Turkey.

The hazelnuts are stored under the best conditions – away from light, temperature changes or air for maximum 12 months. They’re shelled up to 12 hours before roasting to protect their essential oils and preserve their delicate, fruity flavours. The hazelnuts are then mildly roasted, ground, mixed with sugar and rolled into golden praline.

You can expect a pleasantly sweet taste with an abundance of fruity notes and mild toasted hints. Callebaut® hazelnut praline is suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Kosher Dairy and Halal.

There is also cuttable hazelnut paste available from both Callebaut® and Lubeca which typically consists of from 38 to 40% hazelnuts and sugar and cocoa butter. Cuttable praline paste makes a great filling (warmed and piped straight or aerated first) in moulded pralines or can be enrobed after cutting. It is also perfect for flavouring crèmes, bavarois and pastry interiors. Callebaut® and Lubeca cuttable hazelnut praline paste is suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Kosher Dairy and Halal

Hazelnut paste consists of roasted nuts ground to a creamy dark brown paste with a very intense taste. It is unsweetened and suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is Kosher Pareve. Hazelnut paste is perfect for flavouring gelato, crèmes, glazes and confectionery fillings giving them an intense hazelnut taste. 

Callebaut® hazelnut paste is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is Kosher Pareve.

Light brown hazelnut paste in a bowl with spoon scooping it up. Hazelnuts dotted around
Hazelnut Paste

We supply the following brands of chocolate to perfectly pair with hazelnut praliné

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