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Chocolate Spinning Machine – Single-Head, 4 Arm – up to 12 spinning moulds at a time – ZWE220

Prefamac Single-head magnetic chocolate spinner – 4 arm for up to 12 chocolate spinning moulds
Product code: ZWE220

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Prefamac Single Arm Chocolate Spinning Machine

A chocolate spinning machine is used to create hollow chocolate figures/shapes at a larger scale than can be achieved by hand. 

Spinning Moulds (double moulds with a magnetic base) are used for this process – the mould is opened, filled with chocolate on one side, and then closed. After a brief hand-turn, the mould is affixed to the magnets of a spinning machine. The mould is then spun on the machine so chocolate is then evenly spread out to create the hollow figures/shapes. 

The single-arm spinning machine features 4 arms with 12 magnets (3 magnets per arm), allowing for the simultaneous processing of 4 large moulds or up to 12 small moulds. The spinning duration is determined by the weight and model of the spinning mould.


    • Full stainless steel construction
    • Machine on 4 castors
    • 4 rotating arms, each with 3 magnets
    • 220V – single-phase – 50 Hz electrics.
    • Dimensions: 760x670x1350(h)mm.
    • Weight 87kg.

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