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Chocolate conche 65kg capacity – FBM KLEEGO_100

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FBM Kleego_00100 – Melter & Conche – 100kg Chocolate Melter & 70kg Conch – 380v – 3 phase –
Product code: FBM KLEEGO_100
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Product code: FBM KLEEGO_100

FBM Kleego_00100 – Melter & Conche – 100kg Chocolate Melter & 70kg Conch – 380v – 3 phase –
KLEEGO 50/100 is a 50/100kg melting tank AND a 35/65 kg conche.

  • KLEEGO is one of FBM’s latest innovations in modular chocolate machines for the artisan chocolate professional and the first machine to meet two important needs of craft bean-to- bar chocolate makers.
  • This is accomplished by adding a top-mounted conching assembly that consists of a heavy-duty motor driving fixed-speed counter-rotating stirrers, forced hot air system with, and an independently-controlled ceramic heater.
  • The CPU of the KLEEGO (not available on standard K-series melters) gives the operator control over the speed of the stirrers in the mixer bowl, the volume and temperature of the forced air system, and over the temperature of the ceramic heater. The counter-rotating stirrers provide high shear action to break up particle agglomerates and expose the chocolate to air and heat. The auger pump can be used continuously during the conche cycle to ensure complete mixing of the chocolate.
  • After aging, the chocolate can be melted in the KLEEGO and pumped into a tempering machine for molding.
  • KLEEGO makes it possible to empty a craft-scale batch refiner once the desired PSD is reached and complete flavor and texture development in the Kleego, typically taking far less time than in the refiner. When done, the chocolate can be pumped into a container for aging or into a tempering machine for molding into bars.

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