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Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

With the market expanding even more for people with a dairy free dietary need, the choice of wonderful ingredients is also growing. Take a look at these delicious dairy free chocolate chips. (Read More…)

Dairy Free Chocolate Chips from Vantage House

Chocolate callets is the name for couverture chocolate chips supplied by super brand Callebaut. Callets by other brands can be known as ‘chocolate pellets‘, ‘chocolate buttons’, ‘chocolate fèves’ or ‘chocolate pistoles’ all of which are slightly different shapes and sizes. Vantage House can supply you with dairy free chocolate chips from Callebaut‘s new NXT range, as well as from exciting brand Moo Free.

Want to expand your chocolate offering to suit your customers with dietary requirements? Well, look no further as we can supply you with the very best chocolates that will not only be suitable for everyone but provide the most delicious, creamy and luxurious taste available.

If you want a little inspiration, take a look at some dairy-free, vegan friendly recipes on The Spruce Eats website for chocolate brownies, pretzels, fudge, ganache and frosting.

Shop wholesale dairy free chocolate chips with us to not only get the best products and great prices, but also the best customer service going – we really know our stuff.

Callebaut NXT Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

Callebaut NXT Dairy Free Chocolate Chips
Callebaut NXT Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

NXT dairy-free is Callebaut’s new offering for dairy free, vegan, latose free, gluten free chocolate. These chocolates are better for the planet and a great option for your customers with dietary requirements.

These dark and milk chocolates are made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any trace of milk or dairy – yet bringing you all the indulgence and creaminess of traditional chocolates. The creaminess in their M_LK chocolate is from the Chufa – Chufa is the tuber from the plant Cyperus esculentus that grows in the Mediterranean region and Africa.

Click here to learn more about Callebaut’s NXT range on their website including an education guide and inspiration guide.

Callebaut infographic - dairy free chocolate chips

If you're looking for other couverture chocolate we can supply you with the following brands

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