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Callebaut White Chocolate

An exquisite range of Callebaut white chocolate callets and blocks at wholesale prices. We stock the best selling Callebaut white chocolate available in various quantities to meet your needs. More information on the Callebaut white chocolate best sellers and history, read more.

Callebaut White Chocolate

Callebaut white chocolate does not contain any cocoa mass but is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and usually with the addition of vanilla. Since 2000 in the European Union, white chocolate must be (by weight) at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% total milk solids, and 3.5% milk fat.

Callebaut white chocolate suits most tastes and the most popular recipe in the UK is W2 which has a balanced, creamy and caramelly flavour with 28% cocoa butter and medium fluidity.

When tempered correctly it produces a glossy finish with plenty of ‘snap’.
Callebaut white chocolate is also available in with no added sugar in 5kg blocks. Malchoc still gives you that lovely rich, creamy taste but without added sugar using maltitol sugar substitute instead and can be used exactly as standard Callebaut white chocolate.

Callebaut white chocolate Velvet is the silkiest, creamiest white chocolate in the Callebaut range. Enjoy a rich mouthfeel that never ever becomes too heavy.

Callebaut white chocolate callets

Callebaut have created their white chocolate callets for easy melting and a wide range of chocolate use from moulding & enrobing to melting. Callebaut white chocolate callets are the most popular format for most users in the UK but it is also available in block format if preferred.

It is available in 400gm bags, 5kg blocks and 10kg sacks. Callebaut white chocolate is also available as bake stable chunks in bags from 1kk to boxes of 25kg which is perfect for cakes, cookies, brownies or flapjacks. Bake stable chocolate generally has less cocoa butter than conventional chocolate which means it won’t flow as readily, and the melted chips will hold their shapes much better.

Callebaut White Chocolate

Best sellers

Callebaut W2

Recipe N° W2 is another one of Octaaf Callebaut’s original recipes that has grown into many chefs’ preferred chocolate. This chocolate is as Belgian as can be, since it’s predominately made with milk from cows grazing on Belgian pastures and sugar from locally grown sugar beets.

It has a delightful taste with pronounced milky, creamy, caramelly and vanilla notes that are in perfect balance. W2 can be paired with a wide range of ingredients and flavours: from sour to bitter, spices to herbs and from fruits to beers.
With its medium fluidity, this is a great all-round chocolate. Used in chocolate bars or hollow figures, it takes you by surprise with its lovely satin gloss and snappy texture. And fully rely on it to flavour mousses, crèmes, ice creams, drinks and sauces.

Callebaut white chocolate callets

The term Chocolate Callets was originated by Callebaut to describe their easimelt small chocolate pieces, which are mostly used by Artisan Chocolatiers in the UK. Callebaut dark chocolate callets are formulated for melting, tempering, moulding and enrobing rather than baking.

Callebaut white chocolate is for people who demand nothing less than the best dark chocolate for their confectionery, baking and dessert delicacies.

Since they made their first products in 1911 in the small Belgian town of Wieze, Callebaut has been using the finest cocoa beans in each recipe to create delicious chocolate for bakeries, restaurants and home consumers.

Their experts carefully select bean blends from West Africa, South America and Asia to create recipes that have just the right notes for many taste sensations.

Callebaut white, dark, milk and Ruby chocolate is made from traceable cocoa beans that are 100% sustainable. Using the code given on the pack it is possible to track back to the source.

Callebaut chocolate is used by chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs worldwide every day in a wide range of products including callets (chips), blocks, cocoa powder, mousse powder, decorative items, chocolate cups and……..the list goes on!

For the chocolatier, Callebaut chocolate callets temper beautifully giving the shine and snap that is so important, its rich quality, high cacao content and its superb workability make it a favourite.

Callebaut Brands

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