Bulk Chocolate Chips

We supply large quantities of chocolate chips, ready for you to use in baking or making desserts. Choose from different types of chocolate, including milk, dark, white, ruby or coloured and flavoured chocolate. Bake-stable bulk chocolate chips are available for making cookies, cakes, muffins, and a variety of other sweet treats where you want the chocolate chips to maintain their shape. (Read More…)

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Bulk Chocolate Chips at Vantage House

Chocolate Chips are also known as ‘chocolate callets’, ‘chocolate buttons’, ‘chocolate fèves’ and ‘chocolate pistoles’ all of which are slightly different shapes and sizes. Vantage House can supply you with the full range of bulk chocolate chips from Callebaut in Dark, Milk, White and Ruby Chocolate as well as coloured and flavoured chocolates, including the deliciously popular caramel chocolate.

So, why not make chocolates from regular chocolate chips from the supermarket? Well, chocolate callets are designed to melt and temper rather than to be used in baked products. Baking chocolate generally contains less fat than professional chocolate callets, which is great for making them more bake-stable for products such as cookies and brownies, but not the best for creating that beautifully sumptuous tempered chocolates giving you that perfect shine and snap.

Shop wholesale prices with us to not only get the best products but also the best customer service going – we really know our stuff!</p?

We can supply you with bulk chocolate chips from the following brands

Milk - Bulk Chocolate Chips

Milk Bulk Chocolate Chips

We stock a huge range of bulk chocolate chips in milk chocolate from favourite brands CallebautCacao BarryCasaLukerLubecaVelicheCarma
SchokinagStewart & ArnoldMoo Free

Whether you’re looking for a ‘dark milk’ or even something vegan, choose from a vast range of milk chocolate with different flavour profiles.

Dark - Bulk Chocolate Chips

Dark Bulk Chocolate Chips

Shop from the big brands of Callebaut or CasaLuker, or explore something new with exquisite chocolate callets from Schokinag or British makers Stewart & Arnold

Find those bulk chocolate chips that are perfect for you to make praline fillings, create tempered chocolate delights or even flavour desserts or patisserie.

White - Bulk Chocolate Chips

White Bulk Chocolate Chips

Choose from a wide range of white bulk chocolate chips for tempering into the perfect chocolates or flavouring bakery products, desserts and ice creams. 

Whether you’re looking for deliciously smooth and sweet, white chocolate callets with high cocoa butter content or perhaps a less sweet white chocolate, we’ve got the perfect white chocolate chips for you.

Why not check the Callebaut website for some temptingly tasty recipe inspiration such as this white chocolate mousse based on ganache from their velvet white chocolate.

Ruby - Bulk Chocolate Chips

Ruby Couverture Chocolate

Discover the unique flavour of delicious ruby couverture chocolate. Ruby chocolate is not only great to work with for confectionery but also for pastries and desserts too. Let your creativity be sparked by its unique flavour and use it for anything from moulding or enrobing to delicate mousses.

Callebaut Ruby chocolate is the biggest brand when it comes to buying ruby bulk chocolate chips. Callebaut don’t add any extra colours or fruity flavourings to get its exceptional taste and pink colour. 

Whether you’re looking to try out working with ruby chocolate at home or want to buy wholesale quantities, Vantage House is here to support you with all you need.