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Sugars and Gelling Agents

Sugars and Gelling Agents

These are usually added to another mass in order to change the characteristics or behaviour of the mass in some way. Sorbitol, invert sugar, glucose syrup and panela powder are all sugars that work as moisture stabilisers, thickeners or sweeteners. Isomalt is a sugar alcohol, widely used in sugar sculpture. Tartaric acid, like citric acid, will convert sucrose to invert sugar. Ultratex is a thickener agent for use in both hot and cold applications and gelatine and pectin are gelling agents and stabilisers.

If you are a limited company looking to buy some new equipment soon the Treasury are currently offering a very worthwhile financial incentive.

Please see a copy of the HM Treasury official notice below showing that any applicable machine bought by limited companies can benefit from a 130% first-year relief on qualifying machinery investments until 31st March 2023.

This equates to nearly a 25p saving on every pound spent and means that for every £10,000.00 the company spends, they will save £2,470.00 on their corporation tax bill in the first year.

Please discuss with your accountant or finance advisor what this could mean for you.

At Vantage House, we will of course be happy to provide our professional advice on which equipment will be of greatest benefit with regard to your particular production setup.

As always, we’re here if you have any questions.

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