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Mayku Form box each

Mayku Form box each
Vacuum-formed mould maker
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We are excited to introduce to you the Mayku Formbox – mould making machine, which opens up a world of mould making possibilities!

It has the potential to revolutionise the work of chocolatiers.

It is portable, easy to use and affordable. It can make moulds from everyday objects, 3D printed designs and craft made creations. Quick and easy to use and can potentially save you thousands of pounds on bespoke moulds.

When it comes to making interestingly shaped chocolates, the possibilities are endless.

Perfect to make moulds for chocolates and desserts and non-baked goods such as meringue and mousse and set liquid such as jelly.

The machine comes supplied with:

  • Mayku FormBox
  • 20 Transparent Cast Sheets
  • 20 White Form Sheets
  • Three items you can practise mould making with.
  • One kilogram of casting material
  • Mayku two-year extended warranty
  • Universal vacuum adaptor
  • A standard UK Plug fitted

The only additional tool you will need is a vacuum cleaner! (There is a pipe included that attaches to your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out and form your mould).

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