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FBM – FBM UNICA_10 – FBM Unica – Tempering Machine

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UNICA is the smallest FBM continuous tempering machine (and the smallest machine on the market) that comes equipped with a three- zone tempering system allowing more precise control over the tempering curve.

The continuous tempering cycle in Unica is controlled by a custom- programmed dedicated CPU that monitors and adjusts heating and cooling automatically within a narrow range based on the set melting and tempering points. The working bowl is heated by the bain marie method, the second stage (the tempering pipe) is cooled directly by the refrigerant gas, and the final stage (after the tempering pipe) is warmed by thermoresistive wire – a combination that delivers fast response times, precise control, and reduced energy consumption. The auger pump is both reversible and removable to reduce the time and effort required to clean the machine.

Unica includes a sophisticated computer controller that makes it easy to use the machine. Unica’s brain enables operators to program and save individual tempering curves for the chocolates they use, set a weekly schedule (e.g., turn the machine early on Monday so that the chocolate is melted when the doors open), and automatically swtich the machine off. With its 40kg capacity working bowl and wide array of accessories, Unica is a cost-effective workhorse in workshops with moderate to high production volumes.


  • Three tempering zones for more precise control; user programmable tempering curves for different chocolates
  • Removable heated vibrating table
  • Night cycle, weekly timer, automatic switch on and off
  • Removable/reversible tempering auger
  • Pedal-operated electronic depositor
  • Swiveling casters


  • Capacity (bowl): 40kg
  • Throughput: up to 120Kg per hour, depending on the type of work being done
  • Installed power: 3500 watts
  • Dimensions: 500(w) x 820(d) x 1560mm(overall height);working plane @920mm; vibrating table 868(w) x 416(d)
  • Weight: ~250kg

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