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Chocolate tempering machine for medium sized batches 20kg capacity water cooled

Chocoma TB20-W Tempering Machine 20 kg. Water cooled – Mobile Fully Automatic Tempering 444Lx515Wx1475H 240v 1.8kW
Product code: CMA TB20-W_010

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ChocoMa TB20-W is based on the experiences from previous models within the 6T range of similar kind of melting and tempering machines . The outside stainless steel surface makes it very easy for the operator to keep the entire tempering machine in a clean and nice condition. The agitator can be lifted up from the tank without using of any kind of tools.

The tempering machine is controlled by a special controller, which offer the following features:

  • The temperatures in the tempering process are set by the operator, and each temperature is independent from other temperatures. The operator can bring temperatures close to the limits of the standard recommendation – and further if required.
  • The temperatures can be stored. This ensures the same tempering result tank after tank – day after day.

The machine has a smooth stainless steel surface for easy cleaning.

Water supply and drain

On the back of the machine hoses for water supply and drain must be attached to the fittings. In the inlet fitting is a water reducing insert which reduces the inlet flow of water to 2,0-2,5 liter/minutes depending on the actual water pressure.

An example of a water-cooled tempering process in TB20-W

  • Chocolate melting temperature: 45,0 0C
  • Chocolate cooling temperature: 27,5 0C
  • Finished chocolate temperature: 32, 0C
  • Total tempering time: 26 minutes
  • Total cooling time: 14 minutes
  • Water used for tempering: 2,0 l / min
  • Water temperature: 10 0C in average

Conclusion: 20 kg of chocolate has passed the three tempering stages in 26 minutes. Cooling time by means of water was 14 minutes. App. 2,0 liter of water per minutes, at a temperature of app. 10 0C was used.


Length: 444 mm
Width: 515 mm
Height: 1475 mm

Electrical specifications

Voltage: 1/3 ph, 200 – 400 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power: 1,8 kW

Compressed air

Not needed

Additional information

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