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Mini Meltinchoc, Green each

Mini Meltinchoc, Green each
26x26cm; h16cm, 1.8L
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Mini Meltinchoc Green – 1.8 Litre Capacity

The Martellato MINI-MELTINCHOC dry heat chocolate holding tanks can be used for the small scale production of pralines and chocolate figures, as well as for dipping and decorating ice creams on a stick. It is made of durable impact resistant plastic and has a removable basin made of anodized aluminium.

  • It is ideally suited for use as a holding tank when you need small quantities of a secondary chocolate, such as coloured or flavoured chocolate for decoration.
  • Note that you will typically need to set the temperature to 2-3°c higher than you want your chocolate to be as the probe measures the air temperature inside the machine rather than the actual chocolate temperature.
  • You will need to stir the tempered chocolate every 15-20 mins to prevent it from over-crystallizing.

Can you melt chocolate in the Mini MeltinChoc?

You can melt your chocolate in the unit but it will generally take several hours, so we would advise that you melt your chocolate in a microwave for speed.

Can you temper chocolate in the Mini MeltinChoc?

You can manually temper chocolate but please note that the Mini MeltinChoc is not an automatic tempering machine. To temper your chocolate in the Mini MeltinChoc, you can use the seed method. Alternatively, provided your chocolate is pre-crystallised you can melt it slowly without ever letting it get above 34-35°c.

  • Please note that the working tolerance of the machine in normal operation +/- 3°c. This refers to the difference you may see between the temperature as measured by the probe and the chocolate temperature measured by an external thermometer.
  • Note also that the temperature measured by the probe will vary according to how much chocolate is in the tank and how fully immersed the probe is in the chocolate.

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