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Ultratex; 800g


Product size: 800g
Product code: SCA136A

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Ultratex 800g

Ultratex is a thickening agent for use in both hot and cold applications. It is fantastically practical, multi-functional and of use to all kitchens. Ultratex is a high-performance thickening starch and is an extremely versatile product. It can be applied to both hot and cold liquid preparations until they reach the desired thickness. It is a tasteless, colourless and gluten free powder. When added to a liquid it disperses quickly and evenly without lumping. Because Ultratex is tasteless, a perfectly flavoured sauce can be thickened to the preferred texture without compromising its flavour. You can also use it to make wafer-thin tuiles or perfect fluid gels.

(Product Code: SCA136A)

Stock: 1

Product code: SCA136A



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