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Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chips Couverture L811 – 10kg bag

Callebaut dark chocolate chips couverture L811 10kg bag
Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 48.2%
Product code: SCC516
Due in: 25/01/2022
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Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chips Couverture L811 – 10kg

The iconic Callebaut 811 with less cocoa butter and less fluid. Recipe no L811 tastes like Callebaut’s iconic 811, yet has a very low fluidity. These dark chocolate callets contain about 12% less cocoa butter and are perfect for moulding bigger hollow figures in one go. Its less runny texture is also ideal for creating semi-solid/semi-soft ganache for enrobing. Ganache made with L811 will have a nice bite to them that immediately melts in the mouth. It’s also perfect for the flavouring of chocolate spreads, fudges and caramels whilst maintaining a smooth texture. And the taste? The L811 has an intense cocoa body smoothened by its perfectly balanced sweetness and a touch of vanilla to round off the taste.

(Produce Code: SCC516 | Callebaut Code: L811NV-554)

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