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Tintoretto Coconut filling 5kg block

Tintoretto Coconut Filling – 5kg block
Block; White filling; coconut flavour
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Tintoretto Coconut is your ready-to-use filling with a tropical coconut taste that's open to your personal signature. It will entice your customers with its creamy white colour and incredibly smooth mouthfeel that immediately melts in the mouth. Tintoretto Coconut makes for a wonderful base to create your customised fillings with a long shelf life. Mixing it with textures like ground coffee, cocoa nibs, paillieté feuiletine, bresilienne or freeze-dried fruits turns your Tintoretto filling into an enticing praline centre. Crunchy textures remain fresh and crispy for longer when mixed into Tintoretto thanks to its unique recipe and composition. Tintoretto Coconut has a semi-soft texture that can easily be cut into squares for dipping and enrobing.By mixing, softening and aerating it in the cutter, you'll createa light filling that can be piped into moulded chocolate shells or bars.

• You can flavour Tintoretto with oil /fat based products and alcohol of 60% volume @ 10%.

• If you add water based products such as purées and compounds the filling thickens plus the shelf life is greatly reduced. This could impact the chocolates and make the shells split.

• Adding fat based products will keep the shelf life the same as the BBD of the batch of Tintoretto you have.

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