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Creme Dell’Artigiano; Light hazelnut flavour 10kg tub

Creme Dell’Artigiano; Light Hazelnut Flavour 10kg tub
Tub; Min C/S 3.5%; Fat 40% (Nocciola)
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Count on Creme dell'Artigiano to add a smooth filling witha lovely hazelnut taste and a velvety mouthfeel to your rolls, croissants and pastries. This baking paste easily resists oven temperatures up to 200C and is just perfect for filling and baking Danish pastries, tartlets, rolls, buns and so much more. After baking, Creme dell'Artigiano remains smooth and soft without hardening or drying out. Applying is eastly; first soften by slightly heating the créme before piping. You can also use Créme dell'Artigiano for glazing pastries and entremets.Créme dell'Artigiano owes its great taste and texture to its unique composition based on hazelnuts and non-hydro vegetable fats.

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