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Callebaut white chocolate mousse powder 800g bag

Callebaut White Chocolate Chips Mousse Powder 800g bag
58.5% Chocolate
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callebaut chocolate mousse powder

This mousse comes close to homemade mousse, but saves you lots of time. The secret to its intense and authentic taste lies in the very high chocolate content; it’s made with 58.5% Callebaut white chocolate. Simply mix one bag of powder with 1 litre of milk and beat it for 5 minutes at full speed. It has a rich texture that is perfect for piping into glasses, and quenelles onto dessert plates. Chefs recommend piping the mousse into glasses before cooling to preserve its nicely aerated texture. Quenelles should be scooped after cooling once the mousse has sufficiently set

(Product code : SCF0723)

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