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Lubeca White Chocolate Chips Couverture | Schok Weiss | 10kg box

Lubeca white chocolate chips couverture, Schok Weiss 10kg box
Easymelt Drops; Min C/S 33%
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10kg box

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Lubeca White Chocolate Callets Couverture | Schok Weiss | 10kg

An aromatic white chocolate with a delicate milky flavour. These come in an easy melting drop form, in a 10kg bag.

Lubeca white chocolate ingredients are all made using specially selected cocoa varieties. They are particularly well known for their incredibly smooth mouthfeel and high shine. which is achieved by intensively grinding the mass until the solid matter particle size is reduced to around 16 microns (sixteen thousandths of a millimetre). A lengthy conching process also ensures a very clean and mellow taste, accentuating the quality and flavour characteristics of the cocoa.

Lubeca is owned by the Friedrich Bluhme & Else Jebsen Foundation, a charitable organisation that donates their earnings to worthy projects in and around the city of Lubeck.

(Product Code: SCC804)

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