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Callebaut Milk Chocolate Couverture; 823


Product size: 2.5kg bag
Product code: SCC510

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Callebaut 823 Milk Chocolate Chips Couverture 2.5kg

Callebaut 823 milk chocolate is a popular, well-balanced chocolate couverture with a consistent flavour of cocoa and caramel. Milk chocolate recipe no 823 is Callebaut’s iconic milk chocolate. These Callebaut chocolate callets stand out with their deep, warm colour, prominent roasted cocoa flavours and seductive caramelly notes. The 823 is widely appreciated because of its generous taste and great reputation in workability. It can be paired with a wide array of powerful fruity, spicy, dairy or liqueur-like flavours. The core of the chocolate is the signature Wieze cocoa blend: a well-kept secret mix of mainly West African top grade cocoa beans. The 823 has a standard fluidity, making it your all-round chocolate for moulding, enrobing and flavouring of mousses, ganaches, cremes, sauces, etc.

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 33.6%

(Product Code: SCC510 | Callebaut Code: 823-E4-U71)

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Product code: SCC510



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