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Moulding is the way in which chocolate bars, mint crisps, pralines (bite sized chocolates) and some hollow figures are made. Chocolate is poured into moulds, which are made of high grade plastic often termed polycarbonate or Macrolon.

If solid bars are being made, the chocolate is poured into the moulds and left to set. To make filled pralines (or chocolates) the process is slightly different and more complex.

When making filled pralines chocolate is poured into the mould, and the majority of it tipped out again. In this way a chocolate ‘shell’ is made. Into this the filling of fondant, truffle or ganache is deposited (almost to the top but leaving room for the closing cap), and once set more chocolate is poured onto the mould to ‘cap off’ the filling.

When making hollow figures chocolate is poured into the moulds, air bubbles vibrated free and the excess then drained off, leaving a shell of chocolate in the shape of the mould.

Moulding is most profitable in terms of labour costs when making solid items such as bars or mint crisp. It is fairly labour intensive when making individual pralines.

Vantage House supply a large range of professional polycarbonate chocolate moulds including:

  • Praline moulds for bite sized chocolates and lollipops
  • Hollow figure (two part moulds) for 3D figures including Easter Eggs and our special Shoe range
  • Magnetic moulds for use with transfer sheets
  • Spinning moulds
  • One shot moulds

We also supply:

Silicone moulds for Jellies and Fondants

Schiller display moulds for promotions

Moulds are shipped directly from the factory to the customer and prices shown on the website are exclusive of carriage and VAT. Lead times depend on the stock available at the time of order.

We also work with customers to design and produce exclusive moulds in polycarbonate and a slightly less expensive option using Vivak (food grade) plastic, call us for a quotation.

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