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Copper pan fudge

Traditional Copper Pan fudge production is hugely attractive in a retail environment – we have outlined some reasons why below.

  • Traditional Artisan Method

Making fudge on stoves in copper pans instantly implies craftsmanship. This can appeal to customers who appreciate handmade, small-batch premium products and are willing to pay more for them.

  • Product Quality

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, which can result in more precise temperature control during the fudge-making process. This can lead to a higher quality product that will bring customers back repeatedly,

  • Visual Appeal

The traditional copper pans used for fudge production have an aesthetic appeal that can attract customers. The shiny copper adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to the production process bringing customers into the shop.

  • Interactive Experience

With the fudge production done in plain view of customers, this engages the customer, verifies provenance of the product, and greatly adds to the overall appeal of the shop and the business as a whole.

  • Product Quality

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, which can result in more precise temperature control during the fudge-making process. This can lead to a higher quality product that customers may be willing to pay a premium for.

  • Brand Enhancement & Increased Margin

Given the perceived higher quality and artisan nature of copper pan fudge, the retailer can command a premium price, leading to higher profit margins.

Savage Bros. have been producing the industry-standard stoves and copper pans for over 100 years and we at Vantage House have been their UK agents for the last 30 years. Take a look below to see our open copper pan fudge making equipment.

The traditional cooker for confectioners for over 100 years – now electric rather than gas.

The ElectroStove is used every day around the world to cook fudge, caramel, toffee, brittle, praline, nougat, halva, fruit jams and jellies – virtually anything that requires controlled cooking without burning.

If you are looking for a traditional fudge cooker, fudge making equipment, caramel cooker or any other confectionery cooker that can provide the spectacle of handmade fudge directly in your shop (or are just looking to upgrade your current confectionery-making set-up) this is the cooker for you! With batch sizes of over 15kgs and fast cook times, you will regret not using this sooner!

When making smaller batches (or when being used by a very strong operator!), or when paired with a Savage Bros LiftTilTruk Confectionery Bowl Lifter, one-person operation from start-to-finish is easily achievable!


Unique coiled heating system embedded in an insulation mantle shaped to fit the contour of the kettle
A focused heating design to move 90% of the heat to the kettle – 
optimum efficiency – will not heat up your kitchen!
Special ventilation is not required
Stainless steel construction
Percentage of heat timer to control rate of cook

ElectroStove-20 is ETL certified to UL electrical standards, and NSF Sanitation standards (when used with a stainless steel kettle) for the USA and Canada.

The ElectroStove is just the stove, it will need to be paired with a Savage Bros Copper/Stainless Steel Kettle (sold separately) to be operational. There is also a couple of optional extras that can make the cooking go more smoothly:

Copper kettle products

Digital thermostat and Probe – This is useful as you will always know exactly what temperature your product is during all stages of the cook cycle – It has an audible alarm to let you know your product is nearing your set-point.

Thermostat products

Portable Agitator – To save yourself some arm ache! The portable agitator clips on to the bowl and automatically stirs your product – leaving you to have time for other parts of your business.

Agitator Products

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About Savage Bros.

From these 19th century roots in the candy industry, Savage equipment has applications today for the bakery, food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and material handling industries.

Savage Bros. strives to meet its customers’ equipment needs with well designed and manufactured machinery.

At the forefront of the industry and accelerating innovation for over 150 years – and counting.
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