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Coloured and Flavoured Chocolate

Coloured and flavoured chocolate callets

If you’re looking for lime, honey, orange, caramel, cappuccino chocolate or strawberry flavoured chocolate, Callebaut’s coloured and flavoured chocolate range has got you covered! Made from Callebaut Belgian chocolate, these coloured chocolate melts offer endless possibilities as they melt, temper and cool in the same way that white chocolate does.

With these colours and flavours, you can get creative with their multiple uses. Explore using them in fillings for fine patisserie work, create coloured decorations, bars, hollow figures or even pralines, let your imagination fly!

As well as Callebaut’s coloured and flavoured range, discover their delicious gold chocolate or try the mouth-watering zephyr Caramel by Cacao Barry.

coloured and flavoured chocolate

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