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Chocolate Truffle Shells

Buy delicious chocolate truffle shells online. Take a look at our extensive range...

Chocolate Truffle shells and spheres are the perfect shapes to fill. The opening on top makes them easy to fill with ganache, praline or your very own top-secret recipe. Simply dip them afterwards and coat them to create your unique masterpieces.

Our spheres are made from high-grade chocolate and make it much quicker and easier to produce filled chocolates and help ensure top quality and consistency. Don’t forget, if you’re making big batches of tasty truffles, you can buy truffle shells wholesale with us at an excellent price.

Of course, our truffle shells are available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate but they are also available in handy sizes of 19mm, 25mm, 25.5mm and 31mm diameter.

If this selection doesn’t tempt you enough to get creative with your truffles, we also have an exciting new range of chocolate truffle shells decorated with a coloured swirl design that will take your truffles to the next level.

Chocolate truffle shells

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