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Since the early 1990’s ChocoMa’s PRO-WAX machinery has been in operation across the world. Perfect for any sized manufacturers; the system has not only replaced the labour-intensive manual waxing process, but also provided increased capacity for small and medium sized manufacturers, enabling them to increase their production by up to 4 times.

A typical throughput for 200g mini truckles is 70 pieces per minute. A flexible and versatile production unit PRO-WAX is designed to wax cheese sizes ranging from 50g to 2,500g*. Each cheese gets a full coating (bottom included) and appears nice and uniform from just a single pass through the waxing chamber. Various optional extras are available including; extra mobile tanks and pumps for fast colour change, long take off tables for setting the wax and even cooling tunnels for faster setting. *Wheels or ½ wheels ranging from 2.5 kg to 10 kg can usually be coated too. However, depending on the kind of cheese and specific operating parameters double coating may be necessary.

Finance available on orders over £1,000

Start-up Businesses

Finance from
£ 12 + VAT per week

Medium Businesses

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£ 28 + VAT per week

Large Businesses

Finance from
£ 74 + VAT per week

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