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Callebaut Ruby Chocolate

Ruby Chocolate, the beautiful pink chocolate from Callebaut.
The fourth type of chocolate.

Discover the delicious ruby chocolate from Callebaut that’s great to work with for confectionery pastries and desserts.

Whether you’re a keen enthusiast wanting to try your hand at working with ruby chocolate at home, or an experienced professional looking to purchase ruby chocolate from a wholesale provider, we can supply what you need.

Callebaut ruby chocolate does not contain any added in extra colours or fruity flavourings. Let your creativity be sparked by its unique flavour and use it for anything from moulding or enrobing to delicate mousses.

We also stock an extensive range of Cacao BarryCasa Luker and Vanova chocolate callets as well as newly stocked brands. Why not try Schokinag and see if you agree that it tastes even better than Belcolade!

Callebaut Ruby Chocolate

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